our Founder

Aldin Shaw

Aldin Shaw founded this organization with a goal to improve the environment and give back to the community. Since, Aldin has constantly been a committed and positive leader overlooking the organization to always strive to do the best we can and as much as we can to improve Bangkok, one glass at a time.

our Co-Founder

Manish Sethi

Manish joined Rescued Glass with the vision and drive to improve upon our Nonprofit Organization, and focused on developing the organization in terms of management and advertising.


our Current Leaders

AJ (Anuj) Manchanda, Mohammad Maken, Mepham Y                               

Our current leaders are the ones who keep this service group together and productive. They represent Rescued Glass extraordinarily and work hard every day on making sure that everyone in our organization can contribute. They participate in every Rescued Glass event and are a key player in every aspect of our team, be it design or marketing. Their strong leadership sets a high standard of efficiency, productivity, and creativity within our group. 

our Management leaders

Palm (Jirapatr) W, Gatty (Gakuto) Yoshikawa,

Our management leaders have been in this organization longer than most. These management leaders help all of our heads with generating ideas and successfully executing them. These management leaders also link our organization to other service groups and form joint initiatives as well. They believe that effective Upcycling will make all of our lives better. They work hard to make that belief a reality in every meeting,

our marketing Heads

Yayee K, Andy (Andaman) G, Tunn J

Our marketing heads make sure that our products are ready to be sold in every school event. They put all of their heart into making sure that we can raise as much revenue as possible for donating back to the less fortunate communities in Bangkok. They are responsible for brilliantly designing the advertisements which you see today at NIST International School.

our Operations Heads

Dev (Hiran) P, Fran (Francisco) G, 

Our operations heads ensure that our supply lines are running well. They make sure that we have all the materials for prototyping all of our new product ideas. They also run and organize the rescued glass stalls during all the school events. They also create fun games for students to play using glass bottles and donate the money back to the Bangkok community.


our Sales Heads

Ameya A, Peak B

Our sales heads ensure that all of our products are being given to our consumers. They work from morning till evening and are at every event to make sure that every possible consumer can be given an up. They represent rescued glass in the market very well. 

our Design Heads

Quentin G, Isabella P, Namo (Pattabhum) L

Our design heads have created generated hundreds of design ideas to share with you. They constantly keep generating ideas and testing them so that we can turn wasted glass bottles into products for our consumers' everyday. They want to bring out the true beauty and usefulness of wasted glass bottles to prove a point that nothing is really useless. 

our Cutting Heads

Owen Conrad, Nicolas Raeder, Non (Shananda) Ruangvanish, Jack Gambrill, Dan (Siradanai) Breen Kamkong

Our cutting heads make sure that the thousands of wasted bottles get cut into different components for making into our products. Upcycling is close to their heart and their work exemplifies it. They make sure that there is a constant supply of products no matter what day it is. They are one of the core reasons why we make a difference in this community. 


Coming together from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, our skilled team of professionals is the backbone of Rescued Glass. Their ideas help shape the direction and mission of our organization as it continues to develop. Read on to learn more about some of our incredible team members.