We at Rescued Glass in an attempt to truly maximize our positive impact on the Bangkok community have chosen to donate all of our proceeds to various charity organization around Bangkok.

Reducing Waste

We at Rescued Glass collect an average of 20-30 used glass bottles a day from various local bars and restaurants. Then through upcycling we transform the glass bottles into useable and decorative household items ensuring that they are never thrown away. Our efforts are reducing the number of glass bottles thrown away by around 9,000 bottles a year. These glass bottles were rescued from ending up in landfills, dumps, beaches, and from around the city where they would have taken nearly a million years to decompose.


We at Rescued glass are currently working with the Pet Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) in order to enhance the lives of stray animals living here in Bangkok. PAWS is an incredible charity that aims to create a smaller and healthier street and community animal population here in Bangkok. They accomplish this by providing spay/neuter services, rabies vaccination, free or low-cost animal nursery care, as well as educating the community on this issue. On top of this they take in stray animals and foster them until they are adopted. Rescued Glass has provided PAWS with a 10,000 baht donation so that they can continue their great work at helping stray animals in desperate need.


Rescued Glass is also working closely with the Association for the Promotion of the Status of Women (APSW).The APSW is a charity organization in Bangkok that provides shelter, food, and physical and mental rehabilitation services for both women and children in need. The APSW also empowers women economically by providing vocational skills training for women which allows them to generate a larger income.  On top of this the APSW assists victims of rape at their rape crisis center and the organization strongly promotes gender equality. Finally the APSW helps expectant mothers usually younger women dealing with unplanned pregnancies and  orphans at their youth center. To support the incredible work that the APSW does we at Rescued Glass have donated 10,000 baht to them.

Mercy Center

We at Rescued Glass are currently working with the Mercy Center in Bangkok by donating towards buying equipment for a number of kindergartens that have been opened by the Mercy center. By providing education to the less fortunate we hope to have a brighter and better Bangkok in the near future.

"We at Rescued Glass believe in recycling, upcyling and enhancing the lives of our community in Bangkok"

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